Thursday, July 31, 2014

HR Professionals...Recruit Your Next Employees Here!

Meet us at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church "MDUMC"  
The Gate 
13194 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas 77079

We hold a job seekers class at MDUMC’s off-campus facility called "The Gate" which is a newly renovated office location about ¼ mile west of the main campus, located in a strip shopping center at 13194 Memorial Drive.  It’s impossible to miss this location, since the mall is anchored by a T.J. Maxx store in the center.
If you’re traveling to the location on I-10, exit south on Wilcrest until you arrive at the Memorial Drive intersection (about ½ mile from I-10).  Take a left (you should now be heading east), and the shopping center is located about ¼ mile on the left (north) side of Memorial Drive.  "The Gate" is situated at the far left side of the mall.
The facility is gorgeous and extremely user friendly, with tables and comfortable cushioned chairs.  Lighted parking is in very close proximity to the front door.  Please remember that the new location is church property and, as such, please treat it with the utmost courtesy and respect as we did with our former host.
The job seekers class meets on Wednesdays from 6:15 PM – 9:15 PM.

Space at this same location can also be available during the daytime for meetings of small groups or mock interviews.  We will continue to meet every Wednesday evening thereafter, unless notified in advance.
Your Texas HR Pros faculty will include Marvin Martin, Val Kasperek, and Eric Griesel. 
Phone messages related to the class may be left with Sheri Kelley – our host, at 713-468-8356 ext. 119.  Also, feel free to reach out to Marvin, Val or Eric via phone, as needed.