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Job Search Strategy Training Program

Our Dallas group offers job search assistance through Search4U, Inc.  Recently, Search4U was featured on the news.

Our group in Houston offers free, weekly Job Search Strategy training to ALL professionals in Houston.

The training is open to--
  • all professions seeking their next job opportunity,
  • recruiters seeking talent,
  • guest speakers, and
  • company reps who are hiring. 
There is no need to RSVP, just show up on time, and sign in to receive job news updates. For more assistance about our well-attended program, please contact

More About Job Search Strategy Program in Houston

The training is headed by founder Eric Griesel and Houston leader Marvin Martin.  Eric is an HR Executive/Attorney, and Marvin is a CEO of a recruitment firm and leader in the job ministries community.  Like true Texans, they are straight shooters about job search strategies including the importance of networking.

Effective 7/24, we are meeting at 
Memorial Drive United Methodist Church
13194 Memorial Drive Houston, TX  77079
Campus:  The Gate
Wednesdays, 6:15 PM to 9:15 PM

Job Search Strategy Curriculum

1.        Planning or Impacting Your Exit
a.        No Wisdom in Bad Decisions
b.        Orchestrating Your Departure
c.        Should I Negotiate?
d.        Securing Supporting References
2.        The Job Search Plan
a.        Descriptors – using marketing as a strength
b.        Creating Your Job Search Mission or Goals
c.        Identifying Your Strengths and Competencies
d.        Preparing for Potential Challenges
3.        Job Search Tools
a.        Attitude – it’s all about focus
b.        The Resume – the primary marketing tool
c.        The 30-Second Elevator Speech -- your networking introduction
d.        Cover Letters – the ugly truth: gotta have ‘em
e.        Business Cards – what’s the real alternative
f.        Your Support Group – choose very wisely
4.        The Hunt
a.        Posting Resumes – on the rise, or the decline
b.        Resume Blasting – mass distribution
c.        Job Boards – love ‘em, hate ‘em, need ‘em
d.        Web Crawlers – don’t confuse ‘em with job boards
e.        Miscellaneous Options - where else to hunt
f.         Actual Networking – getting out of the house
g.        Virtual Networking – what’s it really all about
h.        Improvisation – distancing YOU from the herd
i.         What’s Missing – NOT on the list & won’t be again
5.        The Interview
a.        Mindset and Approach
b.        Mistakes to Avoid
c.        What NOT to Say
d.        Types of Interviews
e.        Types of Interviewers
f.         Questions to Ask
g.        Preparation
h.        What to Bring
i.         The Interviewer Is NOT Your Friend
j.         Asking for the Job
6.        Post Interview Activity
a.        Leaving the Interview
b.        Mistakes to Avoid
c.        Thank-You Notes
d.        Follow-Up Opportunity
e.        The Offer and Negotiations
f.         Getting It In Writing
g.        References
h.        Another Offer, Now What?
i.         FIRST Days on the Job

List of Job Ministries and Networking Sites

This fantastic list by Between Jobs Ministry was updated and placed on Excel.